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Tannery blades

Blades and Grinding Stones for the Leather and Tannery Industry

Renlaw introduced fleshing and shaving leather blades when all operations from IMK / i-Blade migrated to our factory in Cape Town.
Having supplied i-Blade / IMK with many of their blades over the past 40 years, it seemed only right that we continue to service these customers, even if the original reseller has since set off on new adventures.

Renlaw is the South African agent, fitter and supplier of Hardy UK fleshing and shaving blades for leather production cylinders in Southern Africa.

The combination of Hardy blades and Renlaw service mean consistent quality, precision, and durabilty. 

Feel free to contact us for your tannery, fleshing and leather blades

  • Specially selected imported equipment
  • We strive to support the leather and game tanning industry
  • Top quality workmanship 
  • Trained and experienced caulking staff
  • Regular onsite visits by solutions based Renlaw representatives

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Below are a few examples of grinding stones and fleshing and shaving leather blades that Renlaw supplies for the Leather and Tanning industry.
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    Fleshing and shaving leather blades we supply

    We fit industrial fleshing and shaving leather blades for the tannery industry to O.E.M. standards.

    Renlaw is known for the quality and high standards which come out of our factory. The blades associated with the tanning industry are no exception.

    The few blades we don’t produce in-house are imported from trusted manufacturers in Europe who we have excellent relationships with – the largest and highest quality German / British manufactures in the industry.

    By placing these orders through Renlaw, you enjoy excellent pricing without the headache of logistics, imports and exports.

    Our tannery tooling is made to fit leading machine brands.

    Original IMK / i-Blade Contacts

    Alternatively, you can email your original contacts at IMK, Elmein and Errol.

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