2021 has been yet another difficult year for South African businesses, with several factors beyond our control causing delays in both manufacturing and logistics processes.

Like other South African businesses, Renlaw has had to manage with Covid-lockdowns as well as navigate unpredictable power supply problems. This, coupled with a surge in demand that Renlaw has seen due to local resellers being unable to source imported cutting tooling, has seen us struggle to meet delivery targets. Added to these woes is the global supply chain disruptions due to worldwide factory shutdowns in both 2020 and 2021 and the disruption to logistics networks which have resulted in both major delays in raw material supply as well as price increases.

 The good news is that we have reacted quickly to these challenges and look forward to offering our customers the excellent service that they are accustomed to getting from Renlaw. 

 Renlaw’s Manufacturing Solutions

Renlaw has focused on creating new and innovative solutions to ensure uninterrupted supply and improved delivery times, as well as to minimise the effects of high global inflation.

  • We have both manufactured and installed several new machines this year to improve our output capacity.
  • We have constructed a 2D digital measuring machine which enables us to precisely measure samples and transfer the data to our CAD software, accelerating the replication of parts and dramatically speeding up our lead times.
  • We have initiated an extensive staff training programme to upskill our staff and improve operational efficiency.
  • We have insourced several of our previously outsourced operations, ensuring better process-control.
  • Our MD, Mikko Brunner, has travelled to Germany several times this year to meet suppliers and secure the best possible raw material prices.
  • We have increased our steel stockholding to enable us to cover our standard production needs for over a year.

All these additions and improvements mean that despite challenging global conditions, Renlaw now has improved capacity and expects to be able to deliver on time throughout 2022.

That said, we do recommend placing orders as far as possible in advance for your required blades, cutting-tooling, punches and dies for all packaging, food processing, poultry, print and allied segments.

We will continue to do everything in our power to supply our clients, old and new, with the highest quality blades and manufacturing tooling solutions, through 2022 and beyond.