We understand that it’s the small details that make all the difference. That’s why Renlaw Bowl Chopper Blades are designed with your production output and your pocket in mind. 

Excellent Finishes 

Renlaw’s excellent surfaces finishes improve corrosion resistance which reduces product build-up and helps to prevent microbial growth.

This means that not only are your bowl chopper blades more hygienic, but they last longer, too, saving you on costly down time and the labor involved with stoppages for cleaning.

Highly Honed Cutting Edges

Our highly honed cutting edges mean that your product cut quality is improved. The result is that you have fewer miscuts and your overall out quality is that much higher, all the time, without you having to worry about your blades. 

Hardened Edges

Renlaw’s hardened blade edges mean your blades have a long cutting life – which means fewer stoppages and delays for replacements . 

Tempered Mounts 

Our tempered mounts are strong and resilient – which means fewer breakages and elevated production times. 

Technical Advice and After Sales Support 

The team at Renlaw don’t just care about making sales, we care about making customers who come back, because they know they’ll get the best customer service and the best product. That’s why we offer our customers technical advice from some of the most experienced people in the cutting tool industry, and free technical support from the engineers who created your state-of-art blades in the first place.  

Get in touch today to find out how we can service you.