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Circular knives and slitting blades

Circular knives and slitting blades

Renlaw’s range of circular knives and slitting blades is manufactured from high quality toolsteels or food safe stainless steels to suit your application. 

We understand the importance of having high-quality cutting tools that meet your exact requirements and deliver the precision you need for your applications. That’s why the Renlaw team is always available to give you the best possible service.  When you move to Renlaw, you’ll upgrade your cutting tools and experience the precision and quality you’ve been looking for.

  • High grade knife steels
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • various cutting geometries
  • Committed customer service 
  • Coatings available
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of circular knives and slitter blades that Renlaw manufactures and supplies.
contact us now to start your journey with Renlaw. Take a look at our Meat Blades and Poultry Blades for more inspiration.

    Don’t see your blade? Don’t worry! 

    1. Provide us with your sample or drawing to recreate your blade.
    2. Choose from multiple cutting-edge configurations.
    3. Receive a free quote on high-quality circular blades and slitting knives that meet your specific application requirements.

    Need some help with your drawing? Download our basic template HERE and simply add all of your measurements and dimetions. 

     Get in touch to find out more.


    Available in a range of high-spec steels and multiple cutting-edge configurations selected by our engineers to suit your application.

    A selection of finishes and coatings offer improved wear- and corrosion-resistance where needed.

    Our range includes dished, crush cut, core-cutter blades and perforating blades as well as logsaw blades, scoring and slitting knives, multicut knives, slotted blades, poultry blades, top and bottom knives and slitting anvils.

    COMPATIBLE WITH the following machines:
    ABL, AEW, Alkar Rapid Pak, Alpma, AMC, Arenco, Bizerba, CFS, Colimatic, CP Packaging, Cryovac, Dixievac, EFA, Freund, Gammerler, GEA, Hayssen, Heidelberg, Herfo, Hess, Hooper, Jarvis, Marel, Meaden, Multivac, NATEC, Robert Reiser, Rollem, Rollstock, Schindler & Wagner, Schiwa, Stork, Supervac, Tetra Laval, Thurne, Tieleman, Tiromat, Ulma, Ultravac, Victor, Weber

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.

    By using our high-quality circular blades and slitting knives, customers will experience increased precision, efficiency, and quality in their cutting processes.

    Without Renlaw cutting solutions, customers may continue to struggle with subpar cutting tools, leading to inefficiency, frustration, and compromised quality in their cutting applications.