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Contact Renlaw for your industrial cutting tool needs

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The Quick and Easy New Blade process

1. Contact Renlaw for your industrial cutting tool needs

2. Have a quick consultation with one of our sales team via phone or email.

3. Send us the specs for your blade or explain your needs if you’re not sure what the solution is (Renlaw is big on problem solving for our customers).

4. If required, our technical team will have an online or in person meeting with you.

5. Renlaw will design and manufacture your customized cutting tooling (if it is not a standard Renlaw blade).

6. You receive your blade!

7. We will follow up with you in a few weeks to find out how your blade is performing.

Remember – Renlaw offers resharpening services to extend the life of your cutting tools, even on some tools which we don’t manufacture ourselves (for example heavy duty pelletizers).


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Why Contact Renlaw for your industrial cutting tool needs?

We guarantee that every measure is taken to ensure the quality and durability of our cutting tooling.

We offer competitive pricing and timely delivery to meet your production needs.

By choosing Renlaw, customers can expect increased productivity, reduced downtime, and higher quality output in their manufacturing operations.

Before using our products, customers may have felt frustrated by the lack of reliable cutting solutions in the market

After using our products, customers will become industry leaders known for their precision, efficiency, and success in their operations.