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Convenience food blades

Machine knives for the packaging and processing of convenience foods

Blades used in the production of convenience foods require a high level of both wear- and corrosion-resistance to perform optimally in a demanding environment. Our convenience food blades are made from premium stainless knife steels or tool-steels, machined, hardened and precision-ground to suit your application.

  • Food-safe stainless steels
  • Long sharp-life
  • Anti-microbial surface finishes
  • Stock on hand
  • Reliable personalised service from your sales and production team
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of blades that Renlaw manufactures and supplies for the convenience food industry.
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    Looking for a different type of blade? Take a look at our packaging blades and our bakery blades for more. With over 1000 different blades on our production system, the website is only able to display a fraction of what we do. We hope it gives you a good overview of our services and products.  


    Renlaw’s wide range of blades for convenience food processing and packaging fit your machine and meet the highest international quality standards.

    Our industrial food-processing and packaging blades are available with a wide range of cutting geometries and profiles because those are the details that elevate the quality of your product. Our food-contact blades are designed and finished to ensure that your production runs to the highest hygiene requirements.

    The extended sharp-life of our quality tooling minimizes downtime due to blade changes.

    Our range includes circular blades, bowl chopper blades, dicer blades, cubing blades, tray-sealer knives, can-opener blades, bag handle punches, flaker blades, flying knives, flowrappers, star punches, serrated knives, snip snap blades, form fill and seal blades, toothed knives, scalloped knives and toothed punches.

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.

    Before using Renlaw blades, customers may have felt frustrated and limited by the lack of precision in their cutting tools. After switching to Renlaw, customers will become confident, efficient, and precise in their cutting processes, achieving their desired level of quality and performance.