FastTrack Programme

In 2017, Renlaw started our FastTrack rapid-advancement programme, which aims to up-skill loyal staff members within the business. Our system includes modular courses as well as training courses facilitated by qualified professionals.

At Renlaw we believe in hiring attitude ahead of skills, and over the years we have assembled a complement of intelligent, capable, motivated staff who work extremely well as a team. FastTrack aims to fill in knowledge gaps, thereby enabling our staff to advance in a rapidly growing business.

2018 has seen the first of our staff members proudly completing the modules in Basic Metrology, Metallurgy, Trigonometry and Geometry. We would like to congratulate them and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Renlaw's FastTrack Programme: Basic metrology - measuring tools and techniques

Renlaw's FastTrack Programme: Basic metallurgy - steel and heat treatment