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Film and Foil blades

Cutting tools for film and foil industries and manufacturers.

Renlaw manufacture precision film and foil blades because we know that film and foil manufacturers and processors require super-sharp cutting edges. This helps neatly cut flexible, thin products such as PP, PE, PET, rPET, BOPP, metalized films such as capacitor film and barrier film and various other films and foils used in the packaging and allied industries. Renlaw manufactures and supplies film and foil knives from toolsteels, high-speed steels, carbides and industrial ceramics.

  • Wide range of materials to suit your application
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • Extended sharp-life
  • Take out a stock holding agreement to ensure we always have stock on hand 
  • Reliable Hands-On service from our dedicated sales team. 
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of blades that Renlaw manufactures and supplies for the film and foil industries.
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    Don’t see your blade? Don’t worry! Our website shows just a small selection of the industrial cutting tools that we can make. Get in touch to find out more.


    Renlaw’s wide range of blades for the film and foil industries fit your machine and meet the highest international quality standards.

    We understand that you need super-sharp cutting edges to neatly cut flexible, thin materials like film and foil. You don’t have time to deal with dull cutting tools that result in messy cuts and production delays. 

    Save yourself from the frustration and worry – Upgrade your cutting tools to Renlaw today and experience the difference in production efficiency! 

    Our range includes circular knives and straight knives, toothed punches, crown punches, pelletizer blades, shredder blades, granulator blades, bag-production blades, sheeter knives, trimmer blades, razor blades, bottom cutters, as well as to toothed knives, punches and dies. With thousands of blades available in stock, we can also manufacture customized tooling with a wide range of cutting geometries and profiles to suit your needs.

    Renlaw customers have reported increased productivity and improved product quality when switching to our products. Their confidence in their production capabilities has improved as they deliver consistently high-quality film and foil products. 

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.

    In addition to our in-house manufactured blades, Renlaw is also the preffered official supplier of LUTZ blades in South Africa.