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food-processing blades

The food-processing industry deals with a wide range of food types, from fruit and vegetables, to meats, dairy, beverages and bakery products. Renlaw manufactures blades for all aspects of production, from harvesting to processing and finally to packaging.

Renlaw tailors steels and cutting geometries to suit specific applications and processing environments.

We manufacture blades for the following machines, amongst others: AK Robbins, Alexanderwerk, Backus, Baker Perkins, Berry Plumbing, Braibanti, Buehler, Cantrell, Carnitech, Carruthers, Chemtech, Cove Equipment, Demaco, Dixie Union, DTS, Eillert, Electrolux, FAM, Foodcraft, Foodlife, Foodmate, Formit, Fritsch, Grasselli, Grote, HiTec, Holac, Jarvis, Kronen, Metalquima, Oliver, Pavan, Ricciarelli, Robot Coupe, Ruehle, Ryowa, Schroeder, Solia, Solich, Sormac, Spirocut, Stumabo, Tipper Tie, Treif, V-Mag and Weber. 

Please note that as our R & D department is constantly working  on new designs, the following is just a sample of what we are able to manufacture. Please contact us with your specifications for an obligation-free quote.

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