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i-Blade IMK Migration to Renlaw

40 years of industrial blades

IMK i-Blade supplied blades to customers for 40 years. The time has come for i-Blades to wrap up its operations while the owners move to new adventures.

Renlaw has also been operating for 40 years, and over that time we manufactured a great many blades for IMK i-Blade. For Renlaw, it’s important that the local customers continue to receive their blades, so that Southern African business will continue to thrive.

To that end, Industrial Blades (IMK i-Blade) formed a strategic agreement with Renlaw to ensure that your future needs are met and your expectations exceeded.


What will change for existing IMK i-Blade customers?

● Your account will migrate to Renlaw.
● Quotations, Invoices and Statements will be issued by Renlaw.
● Enquiries can be directed either to Renlaw or to i-Blades.
● Payments must be made directly to Renlaw.
● Renlaw will ensure that you receive the highest quality goods at the best prices.
● You will have a dedicated Renlaw account manager to look after you, as well as your current i-Blades representative.
● Renlaw’s vendor packages are available with all the necessary documentation to get you onboarded.
● Ensure that any future orders are addressed to Renlaw.

That’s it!  We will take care of the details.


In addition to Renlaw’s wide, existing range, our services now include the design, manufacture, supply, and resharpening of specialized cutting tooling for the following industries:

Tannery and Leather

Hardy Shaving & Fleshing Blades + Lamebo Splitting /Band Knives,:- Alpe, Rizzi, Poletto, Flamar, Turner, Arletti, Mosconi & Moenus.

Resin Bonded Grinding wheels to suite all machines. Copper Caulking

Fleshing Blades

Hardy Shaving & Fleshing Blades, as well as a selection of Renlaw manufactured blades.

Service offered include reblading of Shaving and Fleshing cylinders. Refurbishing and manufacture of new blades.

Paper and Tissue

Logsaw blades in D2 HcHc quality. 610/710/810 and 1 meter. Perforator and Anvil blades in solid carbon steel and tool steels.

Tissue cutting band saw blades.

CBN Grinding wheels.

Wood & Timber |Sawmill & Pulp | Veneer & Chipboard

Chipper, Hogger, Flaker Knives, Counter Knives, Shredder Blades, Wear Plates and Parts, Veneer Peeler, Slicer, Clipper Knives and Nose Bars, Clamp Plates, RR planer blades: Hss 18% Planer blades. 1220×25/30/35×3mm.

Supported Machinery: Bruks, Klockner, Palman, Norman, Raute, Morbark, Precision, HewSaw, Sodderham, Jenz, Rudnick, Weimer. Cremona, RFR, Josting, and many more.


Head Office

14 Lily Road, Units 1 – 6 Retreat, Cape Town

Cape Town

+27 (0)21 701 7917

Western & Eastern Cape

+27 (0)82 397 3328


+27 (0)82 801 9929


Alternatively, you can still email your original contact at IMK at elmienp@imk.co.za


Errol :  068 633 3656

Elmien  :  068 633 3656



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How does the reblading of Fleshing and Shaving cylinders work?

Renlaw took over the re-blading and caulking of cylinders from IMK. Operations successfully moved to our main factory in Cape Town. We are pleased that our staff were trained by the original IMK reblade technicians, who have now also retired (40 years is a long time!).

Hardy UK come to us in Cape Town for training and negotiations to ensure the best product and process for all. Renlaw is the preferred supplier of Hardy shaving blades in Africa.

While it is no secret that the blades themselves are imported from the UK, this is not a game just any blade manufacturer can step into.

The reblade process requires technical precision and an integral understanding of the industries in which the cylinders are used.

Common  Industries included are leather working, tanneries and game skins processors. These cylindrical blades need the strength to do their job, but not cause any damage to the valuablee skin or leather.


Replacing Fleshing and Shaving blades:

When the shaving cylinder arrives at the factory we perform a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no abnormalities in your cylinder.

The cylinder is secured so that the worn blades can be removed safely. We carefully take the spiral up and out of the groove in a continuous spiral motion. This is how we lift the blade without damaging the groove walls. Once the blade is removed from the groove, the caulking is extracted using purpose-built grips.

Next we prepare the cylinder to fit the new blades. It must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

We proudly use Hardy blades that we import from the UK. Hardy shaving and fleshing blades are engineered so that the portion fitted into the cylinder groove is slightly ‘softer’ than the rest of the blade to allow for a safe re-blade process without compromising on performance.

Blades which are too hard at the setting edge have a tendency to fracture. Renlaw’s Hardy blades are tough and pliable at the core and rock hard and sharp on the cutting edge.

The new spiral blade is now fitted.

We use copper caulking to secure the blades. Copper holds the blade best and causes no damage to the cylinder during the removal of old blades and fitting of new blades to your fleshing cylinder.