With our high-tech CNC, NC, and automatic grinding machinery, Renlaw offers a superior Industrial Blade Manufacturing and resharpening service. Super-abrasive grinding, using CBN or diamond wheels, provides tooling with a much higher cutting performance compared to standard processes due to excellent surface finishes, precise geometries, and reduced thermal shock (using high-pressure coolant).

Blade Manufacturing Process


Our industrial blade manufacturing process starts with the selection of the correct steel from our large store of imported German tool-steels and stainless knife-steels. Steels are pre-machined and then vacuum-hardened, and where necessary are cryogenically heat-treated to stabilize the metallurgical structure.

The hardened blanks are then tested in our laboratory before undergoing a series of grinding and finishing processes which bring them to their final geometries. All blades are then inspected by our quality control department to ensure that they conform to job-card instructions and technical drawings.

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