Sharpening Services 

With our wide range of advanced machinery, highly skilled staff, and excellent logistics team, Renlaw offers a superior sharpening service. Using super-abrasive grinding wheels and high-pressure coolant, we sharpen industrial cutting tools with excellent surface-finishes, precise geometries, and reduced thermal shock. Our sharpening service also offers excellent turnaround times to keep your production going.


Pick up

Receive and allocate job number

Inspect and clean

Measure and straighten, if necessary

Sort by steel composition (HSS / TC etc)

Sharpen tooling by grinding

Super-finish or polish the cutting edge

Hone the edge

Final inspection and quality control



Our sharpening services can dramatically
increase the life-span of existing blades.

By sharpening blades to incorrect specifications, many other sharpening services actually reduce the life of blades. Renlaw’s engineers have an in-depth knowledge of which cutting geometries are required in each specific application, and also work to OEM specifications. The general rule is that more acute edges perform better when cutting softer materials but chip and break more easily, whereas more obtuse angles require more force to cut but retain their edges for longer and are therefore suited to cutting tougher material. A properly sharpened blade has a sharp-life comparable to that of the new blade, and can save your business thousands of Rand.

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