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 Meat Processing Blades

Renlaw’s meat processing blades offer an ideal combination of both wear- and corrosion-resistance to perform optimally in a demanding environment.

At Renlaw, we understand the importance of having reliable and hygienic cutting tools. These include machine knives and meat tenderisers, dicers, cubing blades, and other meat processing blades. The specific challenges that face the meat production sector are well known to us. This experience comes as a result of over forty years in South African cutting tool applications!

With our expertise in supplying food-grade blades, we can help increased efficiency, hygiene standards, and performance in your meat processing operations.

Our industrial knives, dicers and slicing blades are made from premium German stainless steels, machined, hardened and precision-ground to a razor-sharp edge.

  • Food-safe stainless steel blades
  • Long sharp-life
  • Anti-microbial surface finishes
  • Teflon coatings available
  • Superior customer service and after sales support
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of durable meat-cutting blades that can meet your meat processing and packaging needs.
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    Renlaw’s wide range of blades for the processing and packaging of meat products are made to fit your machine and meet the highest of quality standards.

    Our industrial food-processing and packaging blades are available with a wide range of cutting geometries and cutting profiles to suit your application. Renlaw food-contact blades are designed and finished to ensure that your production runs to the highest hygiene standards.

    Our range includes slicer blades, cubing blades, bowl chopper blades, involute slicers, puma blades, tray sealer knives, mincer plates, sausage peeler blades, rib-strippers, rib-pullers, scraper blades, tenderising blades, derinding knives, membraning blades, crosscut knives, fish processing blades, poultry processing blades, red meat processing blades, filleting blades, sausage separator blades, grinder blades, toothed packaging blades, VFFS blades, biltong slicers, bone processing blades, debleeder blades, flaker blades, hock cutters, iinjector needles, hole plates, kebab blades and portioning blades.

    In addition to your custom machines, our blades are compatible with Baader, DC Norris, EFA, Freund, Grasselli, Holac, Treif, Ilpra, Jarvis, Multivac, Proseal, Sealpac, Stork, Marel, Biro, Hyde, Linco, Townsend Peeler, Ulma, Kramer and Grebe, Stephan, Seydelmann and Laska.

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.