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Metal-cutting saw blades

Metal-cutting saw blades

Renlaw has a separate department, RENSAW, which specializes in the manufacture of ferrous metal-cutting saw blades.

We stock a range of pre-hardened blanks in HSS-DMo5 and HSS-Co steel. With our two CNC saw-toothing machines, we are able to grind tooth numbers and cutting geometries to suit your application.

  • High speed steels
  • Tooth numbers determined by cut-section
  • Material-specific cutting geometries
  • Personalised service
  • Coatings available
  • Range of standard blanks in stock

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Rensaw is able to manufacture saw blades with the standard tooth shapes shown below.
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    Don’t see your blade? Don’t worry! Our website shows just a small selection of the industrial cutting tools that we can make. Get in touch to find out more.

    What you can expect when you contact us:

    1. Consultation to assess your specific requirements
    2. Recommendation of the most suitable products
    3. High quality goods manufactured just for you.  
    4. Ongoing support and maintenance services

    Renlaw manufactures stainless and mild steel cutting blades from a range of standard stock blanks. All toothing is done on high-tech CNC machines, using high-pressure coolant and super-abrasive grinding wheels. This advanced processing ensures high cutting performance thanks to improved surface finishes, reduced thermal shock and accurate toothing geometries.

    COMPATIBLE WITH the following machines:
    Everising, Julia, Kinkelder, Pilana, Sino, Stark

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.