Renlaw is pleased to announce our latest investment: the Oilmax CCS B centrifugal oil cleaner. We have imported this nifty machine (one of only two in the country) from Asia and are incredibly pleased with its performance.

Using centrifugal force, the Oilmax spins our used specialized machine oil around at an extremely high speed, resulting in a force equal to 2 000 times the force of gravity. This separates any suspended metal particles and other impurities from the oil and deposits them on inner wall where they can quickly and easily be cleaned away.

Being able to properly clean and re-use our oil has considerable benefits to the environment. The spun oil is cleaned of even the finest particles of metals and dust, removing particles as small as 1 μ (invisible to the naked eye), which is way beyond the capabilities of conventional oil filters. Renlaw is now able to re-use machine oil for longer and are proud to have invested in technology that lessens our business’s environmental impact without us needing to compromise on quality at all. We urge other businesses to also find out about technologies and innovations that can help reduce pollution, save water and ultimately contribute to making this a better Earth.