Packaging Blades

Using a range of high-quality tool-steels and state-of-the-art machinery, Renlaw is able to manufacture the following tools for the packaging industry: high-precision punches and dies, tray-sealer blades, toothed knives, toothed punches, corrugated cutters, circular and straight knives, perforating blades, guillotines and more.

Renlaw manufactures cutting tools for the following machines, amongst others: 3M, AB Sealer, Acepak, ACMA, Wright, Aetna, Alfa Laval, Apex, APV, Arpac, Atlas, Autopack, Autopac, Autoprod, Baker Perkins, Belcor, Betapack, Beuhler, Bosch, Cetec, Chemtech, Cherry Burrell , Cryovac, Dekka, Den Blanken, Durable, Egli, EZ Tek, FEMC, FPE, Gerstenberg Schroeder, Gram Equipment, Hart, Haug Manufacturing, Hayssen, Heat & Control, Heff, Heidelberg, Hoyer, Ilapak, Ilpra, Ishida, Kister, Kolbus, Little David, Loveshaw, Mantaray, Marq, Masipack, Matrix, Merit, Mirapak, Modern, Molenaar, Mondini, Muller Martini, Multivac, Packline, Pacmac, Polar, Proseal, RA Jones, Radamaker, Ricciarelli, Rima, Rollem, Ross, Rotary Concepts, Rovema, S&R Machinery, Sandiacre, SMI, Tapeler, Tetrapak, TNA, Triangle, Ulma, Ultravac, Volpack, Wohlenberg and Zitropack.

Please note that as our R & D department is constantly working  on new designs, the following is just a sample of what we are able to manufacture. Please contact us with your specifications for an obligation-free quote.

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