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Plastics tooling

Industrial cutting tools for the automotive industry

Due to low costs and the ease of manufacture, plastics are still a very real part of our lives. Renlaw manufactures the highest quality blades for plastic-processing across a broad range of industries.

  • Imported German blade steels
  • Long sharp-life
  • Resharpenable
  • Stock on hand
  • Reliable delivery
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of blades that Renlaw manufactures and supplies for the metal-working industry. Please contact us now to start your journey with Renlaw.

    Don’t see your blade? Don’t worry! Our website shows just a small selection of the industrial cutting tools that we can make. Get in touch to find out more.

    Renlaw makes cutting tools for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible plastic processing. Our cutting tools are available with a wide range of cutting geometries, coatings and profiles to suit your needs. Our products meet the highest international quality standards and include high-precision punches and dies, VFFS blades, tray-sealer blades, granulator blades, pelletizer blades, razor blades, bag knives, dished knives, crown punches, shearing blades, shredder blades, sleever blades, carbide knives, crush-cut knives, circular and straight blades, as well as 3M, AB sealer, Acepak, ACMA, Advanced Packaging, Advanced Packaging Technology, Aetna, Alkar Rapid Pak, AMC, Apex, Aqua Munchy, Atlas, Autopack, Autopak, Belcor, Berlinger, Berstorff, Betapack, Bosch, BPM, Colimatic, Conair, CP Packaging, Wright,, Cryovac, Cumberland, Dekka, Dixievac, Durable, Egli, Erema, EZ Tek, Foremost, Foster Allen, Gala, Gamm, Goodman, Gotto, Granutec, Hart, Hayssen, Haysse, Heff, Herbold, Hooper, Hydraclaim, Ilapak, Illpra, Ishida, Italiana, Kister, Little David, Loveshaw, LR Systems, Mantaray, Marq, Masipack, Matrix, Mirapak, Molenaar, MPG, Multivac, Nelmor, Pacmac, Pallmann, Park Air, Pearl, Pearl Technologies, Pierret, Previero, Proseal, Rapid, Recotrim, Ricciarelli, Robert Reise, Rollstock, Rovema, S&R Machinery, Sandiacre, SMI, Supervac, Tapeler, Taylor Styles, Tetra Laval, Tetrapak, TNA, Totani, Triangle, Ulma, Ultravac and Vecoplan-compatible blades.

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.