plastics tooling

Renlaw makes cutting-tools for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible plastic processing, including high-precision punches and dies, VFFS blades, tray-sealer blades, crush-cut knives, circular and straight blades.

We make tooling for the following machines, amongst others: 3M, AB sealer, Acepak, ACMA, Advanced Packaging, Advanced Packaging Technology, Aetna, Alkar Rapid Pak, AMC, Apex, Aqua Munchy, Atlas, Autopack, Autopak, Belcor, Berlinger, Berstorff, Betapack, Bosch, BPM, Colimatic, Conair, CP Packaging, Wright,, Cryovac, Cumberland, Dekka, Dixievac, Durable, Egli, Erema, EZ Tek, Foremost, Foster Allen, Gala, Gamm, Goodman, Gotto, Granutec, Hart, Hayssen, Haysse, Heff, Herbold, Hooper, Hydraclaim, Ilapak, Illpra, Ishida, Italiana, Kister, Little David, Loveshaw, LR Systems, Mantaray, Marq, Masipack, Matrix, Mirapak, Molenaar, MPG, Multivac, Nelmor, Pacmac, Pallmann, Park Air, Pearl, Pearl Technologies, Pierret, Previero, Proseal, Rapid, Recotrim, Ricciarelli, Robert Reise, Rollstock, Rovema, S&R Machinery, Sandiacre, SMI, Supervac, Tapeler, Taylor Styles, Tetra Laval, Tetrapak, TNA, Totani, Triangle, Ulma, Ultravac and Vecoplan

Please note that as our R & D department is constantly working on new designs, the following is just a sample of what we are able to manufacture. Please contact us with your specifications for an obligation-free quote.

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