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Poultry blades

Poultry Processing Blades and Poultry Packaging Machine Knives 

Poultry processing blades require a high level of both wear- and corrosion-resistance to perform optimally in a demanding environment. Thanks to years of experience supplying the industry, we are familiar with the challenges the poultry industry can face. Which is why Renlaw’s high-quality poultry knives are made exclusively from premium stainless knife steels, machined, hardened and precision-ground to suit your application.

Renlaw poultry knives are known for their high standards of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, because we understand the importance of having reliable, hygienic, and durable poultry blades for your processing needs.

Choose Renlaw to enjoy increased effciency, reduced downtime, and improved hygiene standards thanks to our premium food-grade stainless steels and precision manufacturing process. 

  • Food-safe stainless steels
  • Long sharp-life
  • Anti-microbial surface finishes
  • Stock on hand
  • Personalised Service
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of poultry blades that Renlaw manufactures and supplies.
Contact us now to start your journey with Renlaw. Our process involves: 

1. Choosing the right blade for your machine.

2. Our customers experience long sharp-life and anti-microbial properties.

3. We ensure reliable delivery and stock availability by offering custom stock-holding agreements.

4. Enjoy a seamless poultry processing experience.  

    Don’t see your blade? That’s okay! With over a thousand products manufactured in-house, this website shows just a small selection of the industrial cutting tools that we can make for you. Learn more about our poultry blades when you Get in touch with our team. 


    Renlaw’s poultry blades fit your machine and meet the highest international quality standards. Additionally, our poultry processing and packaging blades are available with a wide range of cutting geometries and profiles to suit your needs.

    All our food-contact blades are designed and finished to ensure that your production runs to the highest hygiene requirements. That’s why we supply roughly 80% of the South African poultry sector. 

    The Renlaw range is vast and includes circular blades, toothed poultry knives, bowl chopper blades, dicer blades, cubing blades, derinding blades, membraning blades, razor blades, injector needles, wishbone removers, thigh cutters, wing cutters, gizzard blades, deboning knives, vent cutters and tray-sealer knives.

    We manufacture Baader, Biro, Dapec, Foodmate, Hyde, Jarvis, JF Equipment, Linco, Marel, Meyn, Stork, Systemate and Tieleman-compatible blades.

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.