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Lutz Razor blades

Razor blades by Lutz

Renlaw is proud to have partnered up with Lutz Blades in Germany to allow us to offer our customers a range of specialized thin blades.

Since 1922, Lutz Blades has been manufacturing blades for the trades and for industrial and medical applications while maintaining the focus on quality and precision at all times.

The standard range made by Lutz Blades contains over 1500 different blades. Renlaw has independently run comparative tests between Lutz Blades and other imported products. Lutz Blades consistently outperformed their competitors, with a sharp-life of up to five times longer than that of other suppliers.

  • Closest geometrical tolerances
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • Wide range
  • Large stock available in SA
  • Performance coatings available
  • Steels to suit your application

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Below are a few examples Lutz blades that Renlaw keeps in stock. 

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    Renlaw stocks a wide range of Lutz disposable blades, available in a range of materials, from stainless and carbon steels through to tungsten carbide and industrial ceramics.

    Commonly supplied blades include break-off and snap-off blades, segmented blades, dermatome blades, skinning blades, membrane blades, film blades, granulator knives, pelletizer blades, carbide blades, industrial razor blades, ceramic blades, crisp blades, rib-stripper blades, sausage peeler blades scalpel blades, derinder blades and potato-cutting blades.

    COMPATIBLE WITH the following machines:
    Apollo, Bosch, Erema, Schick, Townsend, Urschel, Zeus

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.