Renlaw will keep producing and distributing our tools during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Machine Knife Manufacturer

We are an engineering firm that specializes in Machine Knife Manufacturing & Blade ManufacturingOur head office is based in Cape Town with a second branch in Johannesburg, making us one of South Africa’s largest cutting tool manufacturers.

Industries We Support

Renlaw offers a wide range of Grinding Solutions to local South African firms and our clients abroad. Our services include the design, fabrication and grinding of specialized cutting tooling and the regrinding and sharpening of existing tooling for the following industries:

Why Choose Us?

Our uncompromising attention to detail ensures that we manufacture and supply only the highest quality industrial cutting tools.

We manufacture for most of the local OEM’s and have had fantastic feedback from both local and international customers. Being locally-based we are able to customize our tooling to each customer’s specific needs and unlike most importers, we can engineer the tool geometries to suit the specific application of each blade.

We have worked with many clients on product improvements and with just slight modifications to existing tool designs, we have often seen noticeable improvement in tooling performance, with tool-life being extended many times over. On top of this we also offer proprietary steels which improve each blade’s sharp-life compared to tools made from inferior materials.

One of the things that sets us apart from our opposition is our storage facility, where we are able to keep key stock for customers on request. This means that should your business face a production-line stoppage, we are able to get parts to you quickly and easily, meaning less downtime whilst waiting for replacement parts.

Renlaw has built up a fantastic reputation, not only with the quality of our work, but also with our outstanding customer service, and we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times and excellent

Your safety is our top priority!
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