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Renlaw has seen an unprecedented rise in demand for their food-processing and packaging blades over the past year. ‘After many years focused on our South African customers, we decided to expand our horizons and market ourselves overseas,’ enthuses Renlaw CEO, Mikko Brunner. ‘The results have been fantastic, and our tools have proven themselves competitive in the international market, both in quality and in price.’

This year has seen Renlaw expand their premises for the second year in a row and increase their capacity to ensure that they can meet the soar in demand for their cutting tools.

Quality Cutting Products:

In February 2019, Renlaw launched their range of crown-punches, also known as ‘wicket-’, ‘piranha-’, or simply ‘toothed-punches’. Renlaw’s R&D department spent nine months developing and refining a new method of machining the intricate teeth on these tools.

Today Renlaw manufactures and supplies over 1000 different blades, punches and dies, and industrial sharp consumables. Servicing over 80% of South Africa’s poultry industry since 2018, Renlaw is now proud to be gaining a foothold in the red meat and dairy industries.

Almost all other manufacturers use conventional machining and grinding techniques to tooth these punches, but due to space-constraints in the hollow bore of these punches, these traditional techniques cannot impart ideal geometries onto the teeth. Renlaw uses their patented RBT (Rapid-Broach-Technology) to ensure that the teeth are rapidly machined with perfect geometries and minimal intrinsic stresses.

‘Not only do our crown punches cost twenty to thirty percent less than those previously available, but extensive trials have proven that they also outperform our competitors’ tools by up to seven hundred percent!’ explains Mr Brunner.

Based in Cape Town, Renlaw has a sales office in Johannesburg and partners in all of the major hubs in South Africa. The company offers a comprehensive range of food-processing and packaging knives and blades, proudly made in South Africa to OEM standards.

Due to its nature, the meat-processing industry demands premium-quality meat cutting blades and rapid turnaround times. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial meat-processing knives, Renlaw is one of the most trusted sources of these tools in the industry. At their high-tech facility, Renlaw manufactures and stocks a huge range of meat-processing knives from premium German knife steels.

Renlaw also offers an in-house stock holding facility, where they stock over 100 000 of their best-selling knives and a range of custom products on customer request.

Renlaw manufactures meat-processing knives and blades to sample and drawing. ‘If you need meat-processing knives and blades manufactured to your exact requirements, feel free to contact us for a free quote. In the unlikely event that we are unable to assist you, we are able to source a range of tooling from our various partners in Germany,’ says Mikko.