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Renlaw has entered the leather and tannery blades sector in South Africa, replacing a legacy company that has retired from the industry.

Renlaw hit the ground running, establishing connections and special agreements with Hardy UK, making Renlaw the preferred supplier for Hardy blades in Southern Africa.

This is excellent news! Hardy fleshing and shaving blades are uniquely designed with practical applications in mind, featuring a slightly more pliable inner edge while maintaining a sharp, hard cutting edge crucial for leather production.

Leather producers require high-quality and reliable blades to ensure the best quality leather and hides, as well as maximum yield.

Inferior lades and poor blade fitting can result in inefficiencies and substandard results, causing frustration, stress, and hindering production goals for leatherworkers.

We recognize the significance of top-notch equipment in achieving optimal results in the tannery industry. With our expertise and support in supplying and fitting high-quality blades and cylinders, we ensure smooth and efficient tannery operations for our customers.

Customers can reach out to Renlaw for fleshing and shaving blades, blade fitting, copper caulking and splitting band-knives.

We take pride in the quality and performance of our work, offering personalized service and ongoing support to our customers.

By switching to Renlaw, customers can expect increased productivity, efficiency, and quality in their tannery operations, leading to higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

Renlaw has invested significantly in two automatic re-blading machines and are currently bulking up blade stock to ensure un-interrupted supply.

With Renlaw and Hardy’s combined products and services, our customers are positioned to establish themselves as top performers in the leather industry.