New Engineering, New Machines – Blades Sharper and Faster than ever.

New Engineering, New Machines – Blades Sharper and Faster than ever.

The MVM PX1000

Introducing the newest member of the Renlaw team

Renlaw is proud to be adding to our prestigious collection of high-end blade manufacturing and re-sharpening machinery with one of the most sought-after professional blade sharpening machines.

This elegant specimen of expert engineering will support Renlaw’s existing blade resharpening services. The MVM PX1000 make us even more capable in assisting our clients than ever. The MVM PX1000 means a faster turn around time than ever on resharpening. Expect the same top quality results our customers have come to expect from Renlaw.

Why does resharpening mean so much to us? It’s simple – resharpening fits in with our commitment to providing sustainable, high quality products to our customers. Other blade manufacturers may sell cheap, disposable blades that need to be replaced frequently. Renlaw believes in providing products that last, blades that stay sharp, and service which allows you to keep using those blades for that much longer.

Call us old fashioned – but Renlaw upholds the belief that quality and excellent workmanship are more important than quick fixes.

We stand against the disposable culture. Our way of doing things is motivated by two of our most important core beliefs: Quality products are our pride; and sustainable practices ensure a better future for generations to come.

Currently, our resharpening services are utilized predominantly by our Cape Town based clients, but we are working towards growing this service further afield. After all,Renlaw is Africa’s leading blade manufacturer.

Are you an engineering enthusiast like us?

Do you love to analyse the specs and compare the thought processes that went into engineering the best of the best machines and products?

If you do, this link is for you.

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