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More about Renlaw’s new MVM PX1000 machine 

Things the Renlaw Engineers are geeking out about right now…

This beautiful MVM PX1000 has a useful grinding length of mm 1000 and has a magnetic chuck mm 117 wide and rotating from 0° to 90°. The grinding wheel motor is 3 HP, it has a reduction gear for the carriage feed 0,15 HP with fixed speed, adjustable carriage run by means of two adjustable mechanical stops, automatic wheel downfeed controlled by a potentiometer, head inclination +/- 3°. 

The basement is built in electro-welded steel and it undergoes a stress relieving treatment at a temperature of 650° in order to eliminate any stress, as well as to guarantee stability in time and precision. 

The sliding guides of the carriage are all one piece, and after undergoing planning and grinding procedures, both upper and lateral, they are covered by high precision tempered and rectified steel strips. 

The rotating chuck has two mechanical stops at 0° and 90° and is supplied with two stepped knife holders for the sharpening of four planer knives at once and with four clamping devices. On the operator side, two adjustable mechanical stops allow the choice of the carriage run length. 

The carriage is made in solid metal carpentry. 

It slides over four adjustable bearings with high precision. A reduction gear put in motion by a three-phase motor positioned on the basement moves the carriage by means of a trapezoidal belt. 

The grinding head is solid and compact and has a two poles motor, an electronic wheel down-feed, a ceramic cup wheel and can be tilted. 

The electric & electronic equipment is built in accordance to European safety Norms and it differs according to the options requested. A particular technique in the preparation of the surfaces, and the use of paints having a high chemical and mechanical resistance allow the machine to be highly resistant to the corrosive effects of the coolant over time. 

Grinding wheel downfeed and spark out cycle can be programmed on this model. 

Over the grinding head, the machine has a vernier by means of which the total material to be removed can be programmed: once this amount has been removed, the grinding wheel downfeed stops and the spark out working cycle begins. 

Digital programmer main functions: 

  • grinding wheel
  • motor start
  • water pump and magnetic cleaner start 
  • Carriage travel start 
  • magnetic chuck on 

It can also set following parameters: grinding wheel partial downfeed, sparkout time, carriage speed, grinding wheel downfeed at right side or right/left sides, and grinding wheel downfeed delay time. Once the machine has completed every working cycles, it stops automatically.