Toothed knives

Renlaw’s four CNC-toothing machines work full-time to produce high-precision VFFS blades, case-sealer blades, tape knives, perforating blades, piercing knives, tray-form / tray-sealing blades and a variety of other toothed cutting tools. Our machine knives are made from the highest quality German steel to exact specifications and can be machined with a V-cut, serrated, perforated or scalloped profile.

We make toothed knives for the following machines, amongst others: 3M, AB sealer, Acepak, ACMA, Aetna, Apex, Atlas, Autopack, Autopac, Belcor, Betapack, Bosch, Cryovac, Dekka, Durable, Egli, EZ Tek, Hart, Hayssen, Heat and Control, Heff, Ilapak, Illpra, Ishida, Kister, Little David, Loveshaw, Mantaray, Marq, Masipack, Matrix, Mirapak, Molenaar, Multivac, Pacmac, Proseal, Ricciarelli, Rovema, S&R Machinery, Sandiacre, SMI, Tapeler, Tetrapak, TNA, Triangle, Ulma, Ultravac and Wright.

Please note that as our R & D department is constantly working  on new designs, the following is just a sample of what we are able to manufacture. Please contact us with your specifications for an obligation-free quote.

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