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Bowl chopper blades

Bowl chopper and slicer blades

Renlaw’s range of bowl chopper and slicer blades is manufactured from high quality, food-safe stainless steels to suit your application.

Bowl Choppers are one of Renlaw’s flagship products, designed to perform under the most challenging conditions. Renlaw noticed a gap in the local market for blades compaitible with rotary food processors, leading to the first bespoke bowl cutting tools being designed and manufactured at the Renlaw factory in Cape Town, South Africa. 

  • High grade stainless steels
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • Optimised cutting geometries
  • Reliable delivery
  • Tempered mounts
  • Designed to fit your machine

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Below are a few examples of bowl choppers already on the Renlaw production line. 
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    Our customers expect high-quality blades and slicer blades for their food processing needs. We understand the importance of having reliable and precise blades in a variety of coatings, steel types, and configurations for specific processes and machines. 

    With our food-grade stainless steel imported from Europe and locally manufactured in Cape Town, we have the expertise to provide blades that meet your exact needs.

    Upgrade your food processing efficiency with Renlaw’s high-quality bowl chopper and slicer blades.

    Rotary food processor compaitible blades

    Available in high-spec stainless steels, including 440B and our proprietary steel, Rencut, which offers improved toughness and corrosion-resistance.

    We manufacture bowl choppers, slicer blades and involute blades in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your cutting needs. Renlaw’s bowl cutters have polished, anti-microbial surface finishes and tempered mounting areas to minimise blade breakages.

    Customers will experience increased efficiency, consistency, and quality in their food processing operations with Renlaw blades.

    Without Renlaw’s blades, customers risk inconsistent results, wasted time, and potential damage to their food processing equipment.

    When you choose Renlaw, you’re choosing the most effecient and reliable cutting tools in South Africa.

    COMPATIBLE WITH the following machines:
    Alexanderwerk, Baader, Bibun, Cato, Diana, Fatosa, Feuring, Flema, Hely-Joly, Hobart, Hoegger Alpina, Holac, Karl Schnell, Kilia, Krämer Grebe, Kronen, Laska, Mado, Mainca, Manurhin, Meissner, Muller, Nematec, Ramon, Rex Duker, Robot Coupe, Rohwer, Seco, Seneca, Seydelmann, Stephan, Strommen, Treif, T Vall, Top Lock

    Our tooling is precisely made to fit all leading machine brands.

    Cerain large-scale involute slicers are imported from our hand-picked European assosiates. We have in-person meetings with our European associates three to four times per year to stay abreast of industry needs.