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Surfing for Cape Town

Renlaw is proud to be able to make a contribution to the ongoing surfing journey of Paul Sampson.

Paul is an inspiring young man. He grew up as a homeless orphan in the caves above Muizenberg beach. With the ocean by his side, he overcame unimaginable obstacles to find himself competing for South Africa on an international level.

Renlaw has long since been involved with the movement “Waves for change”. They aim at getting kids from perilous neighbourhoods off the streets and onto surf boards instead. Naturally Paul’s story immediately grabbed the attention of our MD, an avid surfer.

Paul’s is an inspiration because with his difficult start in life he could have gone a very different direction. Instead, his love for the sea kept him motivated – eyes on the horizon – and eventually turned his life around.

The full story of Paul’s journey from street kid to SA surf champ can be found HERE , an article in Cape{town}etc online magazine.

We hope to see more local businesses come forward to support Paul on his journey. As well as other inspired initiatives to keep the kids of Cape Town off the streets. These initiatives don’t only provide an activity – they teach a mindset and show the children that they can choose their own path in life. They teach self-discipline and tenacity, and most of all that there are people who care.

Renlaw is privileged to play a small part in that.

You can help, too

We encourage all the businesses we work with to find an out-reach program that speaks to them on a personal level. Let’s build a future South Africa filled with individuals who are positive, passionate about nature, and lifting and themselves and their communities. It doesn’t have to cost you much. You would be surprised how much every little bit helps.  

We rise by lifting others – so let’s start where we are, use what we have, and do what we can.